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Aramex is a shipping organization that is well-known all over the globe. The main features of this company are personalized service and innovative technologies. Aramex was established in 1982, and its main offices are located in New York City and Amman. The company is situated between two worlds, West and East. That’s why the team specializes in the delivery to various parts of the globe. Aramex cooperates with individuals and organizations which are situated in different areas, not only in their region.

  • What does the team of Aramex global solutions do?

    aramex global solutions

    aramex logistics

    Before the day when Aramex global solutions started to provide its services to different companies worldwide, its team paid much attention to faster shipping and various transferring services in the Middle East and some developing commonwealths.

    Recently Aramex has become a company that works worldwide. These days it offers a whole range of services which include:

    • A fast delivery with a courier;
    • An electronic trading and registration management for the delivery processes;
    • Solutions for logistics and transportation;
    • Delivery succession management;
    • A cooperation with foreign clients.

    The Aramex near me improves its services every day and always looks for the possibilities which will help strengthen the growth of the company in developing countries located in Asia, Africa, and other regions. The primary attitude of Aramex is to provide areas that are suffering from a lack of good-quality delivery features and broadening its scope.

  • The growth of Aramex office network

    As we’ve already said, the company opened the principal Aramex office in Amman (UAE) and New York City in 1982. In 1990 the firm became a partner of Airborn Express and the Overseas Express Carriers. In 1994 the organization commenced areal, quick, and worldwide delivery features. In 1997 Aramex became the first Arabic organization to be included in the list of NASDAQ.

    But in 2002, the firm abandoned NASDAQ and began to work as a private possession. When one year passed, the organization became one of the founding partners of GDA (Global Distributing Alliance) and WFA (World Freight Alliance). In 2005 the firm became a community shareholder, which began to trade via Dubai Financial Market. In 2011 Aramex delivery features were broaden to Africa and South East Asia.

  • Benefits of Aramex com

    aramex customer service

    aramex customer care

    Since this is a part of the Global Distribution Alliance, there are more than 12000 branches of Aramex com all over the world. It owns 33000 automobiles and 66000 employees. That’s why it delivers packages to the office, which is the closest to the client. Now there are more than 300 offices in 58 commonwealths.

    Parcels are delivered with aircraft, freight vehicles, and trucks. The organization guarantees quick services and the opportunity to track the order.

    Is it possible to track the package?

    Aramex delivery location will be determined with the help of tracking features. In this case, a client needs to use tracking code. The number can be used on the official online platform or some other webpages.

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Aramex review by P Esterhuizen


For many years until date always satisfied with delivering service of my parcels on time.

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Aramex review by Yvonne mashau


Poor service and its been on pending clearance for a long time and I don't know why am I being charged such huge amount of money R1080 for

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Aramex review by Edwin


Im still waiting for my parcel Aramax suppose to be delivered today but it looks like its still at the hub and no update since 10/05/2024

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Aramex review by Lizette


Paid tax on the 2nd of May but still no action n it's been 2weeks. Aramex is the worst

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Aramex review by George


Been waiting for my parcel and the status says it's pending custom release for days call no email

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Aramex review by D Anderson


This little parcel was sent weeks ago to my family in NZ. Well it still hasn't arrived in Auckland. I am very smdisappointed as I sent a gift before to Australia and the hold up was Dubai but it arrived much quicker in Sydney. There seems to be a problem in NZ. I will have to send presents in future with the opposition as have experienced excellent service with them. Its ridiculous Aramex in NZ!

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