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Being the only national postal operator of Canada, Canada Post has earned customer’s trust and lots of praises throughout the years. Founded in 1867, this company has gone a long way to become highly developed company equipped with the most up-to-date technologies and a team of professionals working in the field to bring your mail safely and fast. In order to learn more about company’s products and services, visit canada post ca where you can order delivery, buy postal products, get help from customer support center and more.

  • How is Canada Post traking done?

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    If you have an order being delivered to you by the carrier company it is best to keep an eye on it, this way not only will you be able to fit delivery into your schedule, but also if any problem arises, you’ll have a chance to interfere. Canada Post traking can be done online at carrier’s official website, or at third-party tracking websites, such as ours. All you have to do is enter your parcel number into the input field and get the history of your delivery statuses, starting with the most recent ones. If you cannot track your item, or the results indicate any problem with your parcel, or you fail to interpret Canada Post tracing results, contact company’s customer support to get the assistance you need. It can be done online, or by calling customer service line.

  • What is Canada Post number to call?

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    In order to call the Canada Post you can dial 1-866-607-6301 which is the main number, you can choose the most appropriate department to address your questions to from the menu and they’ll redirect your call automatically. If calling Canada Post number is not an option for you, you can always use online contact form at to submit your request or complaint. All submitted forms are processed in a couple of business days, and you’ll receive an answer from the staff advising you the best line of action for your particular situation.

  • Why to choose Canada Post?

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    The combination of quality services and moderate prices has made this carrier the best option for thousands of Canadians. Learn more about the carrier, check out the reviews, and decide if Canada Post shipping is good enough for you.

Canada Post rating
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Canada Post review by Gordon


Canada Post is a dinosaur. Time to privatize this Government Behemoth.

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Canada Post review by Ahmad Abdelnabi


Every slowly service, Of my passport I went find in the voctoria cross Eglinton Canada post office I haven't get it

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Canada Post review by Michael Garvie


I have only had one package late one day. I have had more than 20 packages, I have only experienced good things with Canada Post.

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Canada Post review by Tammy Thibodeau


I sent out a parcel to my Dad, I mailed it on June 8th and I wanted to surprise him with a memory pillow that I made from my Mom's clothes as she passed away last month. It's gone back and forth from Toronto to Sudbury for about 8 day's and has yet to be delivered to my Dad. They drive right by the town that they have to go into, I'm so upset right now!!

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Canada Post review by Dunnatter


Agreed, something weirds going in cuz ur saying d SE thing for me n u find out package had not even left warehouse yet. Couldn't find their a... With both hands.

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Canada Post review by jon


It happened many times. I was at home never heard any knocking but is a sleep posted on the door, And I have to go to the local post office to pick up.

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