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One of the major local postal companies, Canadapost offers the whole gamut of services and maintains the consistent quality of delivery. It works with both business and personal clients and strives to make shipping trouble-free and affordable. Let’s read about Canadapost company.

  • Services provided by Canadapost CA

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    Being an official Canadian postal organization, the Canadapost CA company offers more than just shipping – it embraces the whole range of services, including:

    • Sending and receiving of local and international parcels. Freight and express shipping is available, as well as handling of fragile and non-standard shaped items.
    • Package supplies, post cards, and collectibles are available in Canadapost offices.
    • Tracking of postal packages using Canadapost number at all stages of delivery process.
    • Packaging of packages and generation of labels (available in offices and online).
    • Money and governmental services (financial orders, money transfers inside and outside Canada, foreign cash delivery, etc).

    he full list of available services can be checked on Canadapost website.

  • What I can do with my Canadapost com account?

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    What are the benefits of registering on Canadapost com? Having access to your personal account, you can manage the shipping process from A to Z. For example, you can change the pickup location, if the parcel hasn’t been sent yet. Also, you can track the shipments and work with delivery-related documents, for instance, invoices. It goes without mentioning payment services.

    Also, instead of visiting Canadapost office, you can order deliveries online: just specify the address and all other credentials, pay for shipping, and print out the generated label. Attach it on a package box, and you are ready to send it.

    The same account functionality can be accessed with the Canadapost mobile application. It’s available for both iOS and Android.

  • How does Canadapost tracking work?

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    If you need to know a parcel location, use the online Canadapost tracking service. All you need to do is visit the official website and proceed to tracking section. Paste the tracking number in the field and press ‘Search’.

    You will see the current package location, delivery due date, and possible delays. It works at all stages of delivery starting from the processing in a sorting center and finishing by shipment to the destination.

    You can find the tracking ID number in your personal account, in an email confirmation you get when the order is arranged, on a label, and the related documents.

    “How do I know postal code Canadapost?” many customers ask. You can visit this page for postal code lookup. Just enter the address and press search. You will see the related code in a jiffy.

    What else do Canadapost offer for clients? Business customers can enjoy special deals and offers for bulk orders, and personal customers are highly recommended to visit Canadapost store to buy souvenirs and a lot of other things.

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Canada Post review by Daljit


My package is not delivered 25 March is costum review way please dlevry my package

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Canada Post review by Karen R


The service is awful can’t speak anyone, virtual chat is a joke they don’t even try to help with a problem .when you do get someone they say the same thing “ Sorry” can’t help you your package is being return . They charge a fortune to send a parcel and if there is a problem of any kind they return it without any effort to sort it out and to add insult they charge you to get it back !this is the second time for me and I will not be using Canada post for anything. There are many ways to send a parcel and Canada Post is the worst.

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Canada Post review by Miles


Why would the company make an error on excepting the package and my package was re routed? To where?

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Canada Post review by shari bleakney


tracking was great except not on weekends?? the parcels are still moving but no updates

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Canada Post review by Marc


Well I'm going on my 4th week still waiting you know they're quick to take your money but it takes a while before they pay you back I just don't get it it's going to be in a month now oh patience is a virtue I guess

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Canada Post review by A&D


Thank you my letter delivered on time.

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