Does Canada Post deliver on Saturdays?

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Canada Post is a well-known corporation that provides customers with delivery services around Canada, and the top question about this company is “Does Canada Post deliver on Saturdays?”. This company has been on the top of the list in its sphere for dozens of years. Due to its purposes of fully satisfy all groups of customers, it’s used not only by organizations but also by individual clients. However, there is one more thing you should be aware of before starting to deliver your parcel via Canada Post. This company delivers packages only on working days from Monday to Friday. It means that it’s impossible to receive your order on:

  • Saturday;
  • Sunday.
Does Canada Post deliver on Saturdays

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Such an option is not provided even if you have chosen express or priority delivery. Furthermore, there are not any extra services (like Canada Post Saturday delivery) for a surcharge, which can help get such an option.

However, since the Canada Post team wants to cater to its customers’ needs, it has allowed choosing the evening delivery option. Such a service is an excellent option for those people who are too busy with their work and don’t have enough time to receive the package. If a person chooses such an opportunity, he will know that the order will arrive at the address at a particular time in the evening. So, a customer will be able to add such activity to his schedule.

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