What is the Fedex track option? – You can ask. And we are here to help you to get the answer to this question. This option was created for people like you and me – who pay the money for delivery and want to be sure that the received service will be qualified. So, let’s find out what is hidden under this mystique phrase.

  • What is Fed ex track?

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    As you can guess from its sound - Fed ex track is the online service, which helps you to specify the package route and whereabouts. Thanks to it, you finally can stop worrying about your orders – now you will see every step of the delivery, no matter wherefrom and whereto the package goes. Also – company workers always improving the Fedex track service to make it flawless one day.

  • How to track Fedex package?

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    This service was created with a simple thought – its usage should be easy for every person, no matter how he relates to the delivery. So, to track Fedex package, you should perform the following steps:

    • Check, is your parcel’s number is correct;
    • Enter it into the field at the top of the page;
    • Press the button;
    • Voila! Now you can see the Fedex track and trace results for the chosen package!

    As you can see, everything is as simple as promised – without any troubles or worries!

  • What if I faced trouble while trying to track a Fedex package?

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    Unluckily, there is not any general-purpose solution for all the cases. Anyway, you should always be noticed that if you are trying to track a Fedex package, you should be sure that the number of the package is correct. The incorrect tracking number is the most popular problem in the whole tracking process. That happens because the system can not recognize the exact parcel in the whole gamut of the packages – and can’t show you anything.

    In case your number is correct, but Fedex track keeps on failing – you should better contact the carrier itself to specify, what’s happened. You can find the Fedex contact information hire.

    So, our short Fedex story comes to the end – in contrast to the track process – it will keep on working till you need it.😊

FedEx rating
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FedEx review by Laura


Was sent a notification that the delivery would be today. Delivery was to a business that is not normally open during the day so a few ppl took the time off to be there for the delivery. Suddenly they change it to the next day. We shall see if it arrives by the new time

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FedEx review by Chris


Paid for 2 day shipping should have be there in Tuesday July 16th and it's not been delivered as of the end of the day on the 17th.

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FedEx review by Sandy Gegax


My pkg was picked up 7/12 from shipper. I was sent an update from Fedex that my pkg would be to me by 5pm on 7/12. No pkg. I was told again on 7/13, 7/14, 7/15, 716 and again pkg would be to me by 8pm. Finally was able to get in tough with a tracker rep; who check on my pkg. & I was told did not get on truck until 7/17 at 7:09 & pkg would be delivered today. I open a case fir their investigation to track my pkg. The tracker rep was very helpful. Now if drive would just get my pkg delivered. I normally use Fedex all the time , certainly will have 2nd thoughts who I use for my shipping. Extremely had getting in a real person to assist me instead of a computer generate message. Fedex I an very disappoint in your services. Still looking for my pkg. Today!

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FedEx review by Suzane


Very bad service!

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FedEx review by Yolanda


This it’s fake I not received nothing they send you I mail with your address and they send for different state and when I talk to fedex they wash his hand told him this package was delivery and check the tracking with different person name please not buy this it’s fake

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FedEx review by Shakaria Green


I've been waiting for my package and they said at 6: 18 am they're taking so long they need to bring somebody's package

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