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Fedex Smartpost

One of the most popular global carriers, Fedex provides a myriad of services for corporate and individual customers. Fedex Smartpost shipping service is one of its strong sides: it ensures fast and safe delivery around the globe and within U.S. borders. Why millions of clients trust their parcels to them, and why this company has become a leader in its sphere?

smartpost fedex

fedex smartpost

  • A few words about Smartpost Fedex

    The foundation of the company was laid by Frederick W. Smith, who invented a system to address logistic challenges and accommodate time-sensitive shipments, for instance, in IT, electronics, or medicine. He was the first to propose new practices for revolutionizing the postal sphere.

    • In 1973, the company appeared: it had 389 team members, and 14 planes at its disposal. Within a couple of years, Fed ex Smartpost became the number one carrier of high-priority packages and set the industry standards.
    • In 1970s, it was the leader in air cargo delivery, and now it also has the largest air fleet.
    • The company managed to reach $1 bln revenue by 1983.
    • Intercontinental delivery began in 1984 – parcels were sent to Europe and Asia.
    • In 1994, the carrier was renamed, and a year later, it became the only US all-cargo carrier that delivered goods to China. Its global coverage continued to expand due to the acquisition of different postal companies, including Roberts Express, Caribbean Transportation Services, Caliber Logistics and Caliber Technology, RPS, and many other companies.

    Constant development enabled the company to ensure coverage of 220 countries worldwide and provide all essential services, including Smartpost, international shipping, etc.

  • What is Fedex Smartpost shipping?

    smartpost pp ground shipping

    smartpost shipping

    Fedex Smartpost delivery is available over the entire USA (Alaska and Hawaii included), and outside its borders. There are no Saturday delivery or residential surcharges. Customers can enjoy customizable solutions and choose the delivery time, pickup options, etc. As a rule, delivery takes 2-7 business days depending on the destination.

    FedexSmartpost is recommended for customers who need fast shipping of lightweight parcels.

    The service applies to parcels up to 70 lbs, and the carrier does provide:

    • money-back guarantee;
    • proof of delivery;
    • collect on delivery;
    • declared value;
    • handling of hazardous materials.
  • Additional Federal Express Smartpost options

    To enhance the efficiency of this service, the company offers additional options, such as:

    • Fedx Smartpost Network. To save money and accelerate delivery, the company ships packages over the network of strategically placed hubs to transfer shipments to the closest destinations.
    • Returns. Customers who have over 20 returns of lightweight shipments per day can use this service. It makes returns faster and more cost-efficient. Besides, just like the regular deliveries the same Smartpost pp ground service is available for returned items.
    • International shipping. Network covers 220 countries around the world providing freight and lightweight package delivery.
    • The streamlined network allows for delivering shipments over 150 lbs.

    If you want to enjoy fast delivery and trouble-free tracking, this carrier will live up to your expectations. FedEx Smartpost parcel post service is the smartest and easiest way to manage lightweight packages as well as freight shipments.

FedEx Smartpost rating
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FedEx review by Dave Cutler


Charging the craziest prices 94$ for overnight envelope Chaned to USPS

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FedEx review by Chris


Why has Fed-X service become untimely and unreliable? I used Fed-X in business for years and could always count on the service being reliable. Now that I depend on them to send home healthcare product that is needed the service has become late with the delivery. very disappointing.

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FedEx review by Olumuyiwa Alexander Bolumole


Package was delivered earlier before estimated date and time. Quite impressive.

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FedEx review by Lee Williams


Paid for Express. Package showed up 3 days late . Damaged. Garbage service.

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FedEx review by Paula Litchman


Fedex is a disgrace. You have my needed medication and you can't even give me an accurate delivery. The SYSTEM said by end of day today. Your CSR assures me there is no delivery date. OH REALLY. Your system is the worst it has ever been. And you think it's improved. REALLY

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FedEx review by Karen


Would give several less than 1 star if possible. Pretty sure I could walk to location and pick up parcel faster. And that canned customer service crap is about as much good as a wooden nickle

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