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Puro Tracking

Puro Tracking

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Puro tracking delivery service works in all parts of North America. Canadian company provides delivery services of high quality. Puro has its transport network and offers the best package solutions. The activity is supported by quality logistic. A significant number of regional offices guarantee the fast shipping of any packages. Puro is the most popular company due to the professionalism that they work.

  • History of tracking Puro

    The Puro Freight company started its activity in 1960. At first, it worked as a subsidiary of the American Courier Corporation. They served only a few clients in Ontario and Quebec. Seven years later, association with Trans Canadian Couriers helped with the expansion of the activity. In 1973, it was renamed as Puro Courier Ltd. After another seven years, the company introduced a new concept — tracking Puro, retailing and opened an appropriate center.

    Purotracking center became available in the beginning of 21st century. A modem link made a connection to the internet. Puro was the first company from Canada that used a worldwide network to get requests from the client. Puro shipping software helped track parcels, transit time, and check rates.

    Since then, over 240 thousand parcels were processed daily. The bills were completed automatically. The transport network expanded in 1990 when aircraft were added.

  • Puro Freight Tracking Client Support

    Puro Freight Tracking customer support is always ready to answer all the questions, and each customer may appeal whenever it appeared a question. The team of the company works efficiently and solves all the problems very quickly. Client support service is able via phone or email. Each customer can ask something about delivery, schedule, or tracking and get in time the needed information. Tickets collect all the requests or complaints. The FAQ of Puro helps find answers to the significant part of questions.

  • Puro shipping services


    puro track

    The company provides an extensive list of Puro shipping services. Customers will always find what they need. They can contact Puro anytime when are needed such services as:

    • Freight shipping;
    • Logistic;
    • Courier service;
    • eCommerce support.

    Puro works with individual clients and corporations.

  • Puro tracking number and its usage

    puro traking

    puro tracker

    Clients can know where their parcels are. This is possible using the Puro tracking number even without the personal account on the official website of the company. There are three simple steps to follow:

    • step 1

      Find the menu on the main page Puro and find the option “Track.”

    • step 2

      Enter the tracking number in the empty field and press the button.

    • step 3

      See the results (delivery time and shipping status).

    The parcels can be picked up at one of the 1500 company’s offices. Also, there is a possibility to use a personal account for tracking and other features.

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Purolator Canada review by BoB from Repentigny


I should receive 2 orders and each time it was not delivered because they can't find my address and the next day they found it. Why they find it the second time but not the first time. I lost times on phone for nothing!!!!!

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Purolator Canada review by BoB from Repentigny Quebec Canada


It's a joke reason for non-delivery Address non found, I receive several delivery each day from others companies, they should give to each drivers a GPS!!!!

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Purolator Canada review by TopShop Marine Inc


After paying for a service and not receiving said service (package delivery) that was promised to be delivered Friday. Purolator tells me they will not refund any portion of the fee charged. Nor will they give a credit . Only an apology. I should have had the package put into the regular mail service & it would have got here the same day as Purolator will deliver, minus the $30 courier bill. Unacceptable. Very poor service. Don’t make a promise that you can not deliver on. Bad business practice as far as I’m concerned.

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Purolator Canada review by Kulwinder singh


When we pay the courier fee it was told to deliver in 1 business day but it's taking about a week,very bad service

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Purolator Canada review by Carlee


Poorest service ever drivers came to door did not phone said he was downstairs I run down he's not here so you pay all this money for shipping and you have to chase your parcel around and find out where it is bad service all around

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Purolator Canada review by SL


It should have delivered till Monday but actually delivered on Wednesday. 2 days delay delivery w courier service is not acceptable paying around $50. This important gov documents delivery complaint issue should be refunded or credited.

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