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We had one website to track various postal carriers, several courier companies, two or three pages for Purolator tracking, full access to the database, and a whole galaxy of information about parcels, packages, satchels, freights... and also a whole lot of enthusiasm, a desire to help people, a set of skills allowing us to track parcels and a dozen year of experience. Not that we needed all that just for the Puro tracking, but once you get locked into a serious parcel tracking website, the tendency is to put in as much effort as you can.

  • How to make Purolator track my parcel?

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    Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the worries for your parcel’s current condition and whereabouts start closing in on you, the only cure is to make Purolator track your delivery and then check on it every now and then ... with company’s official website, or any one of the independent tracking websites you can find online. With a bit of luck you’ll be able to find all the information you were searching for. What we offer you here is tracking Purolator deliveries by simply entering your tracking number into the input field and clicking on the search button in order to get the results displayed to you.

  • Where do I find my Purolator tracking number?

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    purolator ca tracking

    In order to enter a tracking number you first have to know your tracking number, which might cause a bit of a problem for some. You can get Purolator tracking number from a shipping receipt or when you place an order at company’s website to have your item delivered. Without it you will not be able to get a piece of info about your delivery from the carrier. So in case you already have a parcel being delivered by Purolator track it online using your package number only, and remember that legit tracking does not require any of your personal information.

  • Failed to track Purolator delivery?

    Now, of course, bad things do happen at times even to the best of us, and the time might come that for some reason you are not able to track Purolator deliveries that are extremely important to you. When and if that happens, you should first check if you were entering correct parcel number. Then you can contact our website support team or best, call customer support on 1-888-744-7123 to get assistance in solving all your problems with Purolator tracking in a prompt and professional manner.

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Purolator Canada review by BoB from Repentigny


I should receive 2 orders and each time it was not delivered because they can't find my address and the next day they found it. Why they find it the second time but not the first time. I lost times on phone for nothing!!!!!

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Purolator Canada review by BoB from Repentigny Quebec Canada


It's a joke reason for non-delivery Address non found, I receive several delivery each day from others companies, they should give to each drivers a GPS!!!!

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Purolator Canada review by TopShop Marine Inc


After paying for a service and not receiving said service (package delivery) that was promised to be delivered Friday. Purolator tells me they will not refund any portion of the fee charged. Nor will they give a credit . Only an apology. I should have had the package put into the regular mail service & it would have got here the same day as Purolator will deliver, minus the $30 courier bill. Unacceptable. Very poor service. Don’t make a promise that you can not deliver on. Bad business practice as far as I’m concerned.

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Purolator Canada review by Kulwinder singh


When we pay the courier fee it was told to deliver in 1 business day but it's taking about a week,very bad service

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Purolator Canada review by Carlee


Poorest service ever drivers came to door did not phone said he was downstairs I run down he's not here so you pay all this money for shipping and you have to chase your parcel around and find out where it is bad service all around

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Purolator Canada review by SL


It should have delivered till Monday but actually delivered on Wednesday. 2 days delay delivery w courier service is not acceptable paying around $50. This important gov documents delivery complaint issue should be refunded or credited.

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