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R&L Carriers

R&L Carriers

r and l carriers

One of the most developed international organizations which specialize in shipment services, R&L Carriers offers its customers the best facilities for individual clients and corporations. It was founded more than 50 years ago, and it’s well-known for its prices, which are combined with fast delivery and safety.

  • How R & L Carriers was established

    As known, R & L Carriers was founded in 1965 by Ralph L “Larry” Roberts. For the first time, he had only his truck, which he used to ship huge packages. The corporation started to grow up when it became the owner of the Mayflower Moving and Storage company.

    In 1989 R&L began to cooperate with Gator Freightways, which services were used to ship parcels to the Southern states in the USA. Three years later, the organization bought Greenwood Motor Lines.

    Since that time, R and L Carriers began to open new branches regularly. The way the owner of the corporation worked has become the main factor why it’s such a large company these days. The organization demonstrated its shipment system, which helps deliver parcels as fast as possible.

    During the last ten years of the previous century, R&L open its branches in more than twenty states. This list includes New York, and in 2006 the company began providing its services to Washington and Oregon.

    Nowadays, R&L Carriers works with each state situated in America and also in other commonwealths, including Canada, Puerto Rico, and Canada. However, the company doesn’t want to stop. That is why it continues to open new offices.

  • Which services R L Carriers offers


    r & l carriers inc

    R L Carriers provides a lot of features in delivering products because of a large network system. These services include:

    • Freight delivery. LTL is a system that specializes in offering small packages regularly. Customers can receive such a parcel in several days, depending on their location and the location of the person who sends it.
    • Business shipment. This is a delivery which is aimed to transfer orders as quick as possible. There are more than 5 thousand vehicles. That’s why the team of R & L Carriers Inc can deliver orders even if there are some obstacles.
    • Logistics system is one of the main advantages of the organization because it manages delivery and uses different kinds of transport. It specializes not only in delivery in the ocean or air but also in the shipment for some trading events.
    • Truckload features which help transfer packages which weight more than 22 thousand pounds. In this case, the company uses trucks or rails. For R&L Carriers it doesn’t matter which size the parcel has; the order will be received without any damages.
    • Value-added features are provided for easily-damaged products.
  • Ways to track packages via R & L Carrier

    r & l carrier

    r and l carrier

    It’s possible to check where your R & L Carrier parcel is located at the particular time. In this case, a user has to go to the main page of the platform developed by software engineers of this company and to click to the section called “Shipment Tracking”. There is a specialized field where you need to put your tracking code. You shouldn’t use any other information.

R&L Carriers rating
R&L Carriers
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R&L Carriers review by Gary


Tracking is the worse I have ever seen

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R&L Carriers review by Bernard Mack


I received my unit, but a better tracking system should be in their future. Traffic information is very limited. AND whatever happened to the curtusy of the ETA? Please Fix Your System.

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R&L Carriers review by Gerald rivers


The link has wrong location it says rl carriers how do u count on them if they don't even give the customer the link that's correct v

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R&L Carriers review by Alex


3 day after scheduled delivery date. No delivery no information.

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R&L Carriers review by Michelle


Still waiting on a package that should’ve arrived on the 18th! No response from RL no updated tracking info, no delivery date confirmation! Total joke!

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R&L Carriers review by Mike


They don't call you they just take your package back there lazy

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