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These days it’s impossible to imagine a person who has never ordered an item online. That’s why every user is familiar with the word “tracking.” Such a word means following the procedure of the delivery of the parcel. This is a natural process that allows everyone always to know where the packages are at a particular time.

Recently lots of delivery services have been established. However, SAIA com is still one of the most popular websites in this sphere. If you want to know more about it, read this text.

  • What is SAIA com tracking?

    www saia com

    www saia tracking

    Firstly, SAIA com tracking website is the primary online resource for courier organization which provides clients delivery services. This company was established in 1924, and its founder was Sr. Louis SAIA. Nowadays, the company offers its services to 40 states not only in the USA but also in Canada.

    The delivery services which are provided by this organization include truckload, a local LTL. It means that it offers direct delivery of ordered items in one particular area within a period from 1 to 3 days.

    Furthermore, users are allowed to track their parcels via Such an option is terrific for corporations and industries. Moreover, the corporation offers multi-regional services, so it’s possible to send packages to different states.

    If you want to start using these services, you ought to go to the Official SAIA track webpage. In this case, you need to fill in the form with the data.

  • How to use www SAIA com tracking tracking

    saia company

    www SAIA com tracking is one of the services specifically for tracking parcels sent with this carrier, which is free. If you need to find out where your parcel now, you only need to go to the main webpage and click on the logo of SAIA com. However, you should be careful when you are choosing the emblem because there are lots of other logos of other carrier organizations.

    When you have clicked on that logo which you need, you will go to the page of this SAIA trucking company. On this webpage, you’ll be able to see the field which is required for the tracking is a code of your shipment. When you have entered this conjunction of letters and numbers, you should click on the button. As a result, you will receive the information about your shipment and the location where your parcel is situated at a distinct period.

  • Which results will I receive using tracking?

    As it has been already mentioned, the only thing a user needs to do is to write the number of his parcel on a particular field. After that, the tracking system shows the place where the order is situated at this minute, and where it was located not so long ago.

SAIA Com rating
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SAIA review by Keith H


Called with my tracking # . The lady I talked too was very polite well spoken . Package was delivered perfectly

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SAIA review by Howard Valence


These people will not give less than a 5 hour window for a delivery they you have to babysit We are not talking about a week or two we are talking about for the next day my package got to their terminal here in San Antonio yesterday morning at around 3 am and they would not let me come pick it up yesterday, so I will refuse any company and cancel any order shipped by SAIA freight truckload or ltl , ever again. That's a fact.......!!!!!!!!

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SAIA review by Tony P


I had an order which I needed quicker than its expected delivery day so I contacted the Evansville depot where tracking said it was. They quickly confirmed its location and I was able to stop by and pick it up. Everyone I talked to was friendly and professional. The dock area was clean and organized. Thanks!

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SAIA review by Devon


Called and scheduled drop off on Friday for the following Monday. Monday didn’t show up. Called they said it wasn’t even in the state. Tuesday, no show, Wednesday still no call, or communication. Unreliable, poor communication, general attitude of “don’t care”.

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SAIA review by Jeff


Supposed to get a delivery on Thursday didnt show up. Called the branch and they said it did t make it on the truck. Asked if they could get it out to me that evening or early the next morning and they said no. Then i talked to the dock supervisor greg and he said what the f*** do you want me to do about it and then proceeded to hang up the phone on me. Very unreliable and rude.

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SAIA review by Jeramiah peters


Showed up 3 days early and driver was polite and courteous. No damage.

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SAIA tracking