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You are going to send a package or expect a delivery? With the help of UPS service you will always know where your shipment is. How to use this service and what are the available ways of parcel tracking? This guide is here to explain everything.

  • How to track package with UPS number?

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    Discovering package's location has never been easy: UPS has presented a conceivable and user-friendly service to track shipments with UPS number. How to use the official tracking services? Here’s a step-by-step instruction:

    • Open the official UPS website and go to Tracking section.
    • Paste the shipment ID number in the field and press Track (up to 25 numbers can be used as it’s a typical tracking number format).
    • Get the data about the current UPS shipping status. UPS service shows current location, conveyance date and pickup office, as well as potential delays, etc.
    • If you're signed in, you can change the delivery details (for example, the pickup point) until the package leaves the sorting center.

    By the way, to use this service, you only need to use your tracking number - no signing in its required. Each site guest can discover the package area having the ID number as it were.

  • How else to track without UPS website?

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    Instead of using UPS website, you can also install a UPS mobile application on your smartphone. It’s available for both iOS and Android. You should do the following:

    • Install UPS application on your smartphone;
    • IOs;
    • Android;
    • Enter your personal account;
    • Get access to all shipping-related services, including delivery tracking and management.

    The UPS application provides you with absolutely the same functionality as the official website. You can not only use it for UPS delivery attempts, but also change delivery date, arrange orders, pay for services, etc.

  • What you should know about UPS tracing service

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    Before you start searching for your parcel, there are several things you should know about. One of the most popular questions is “Where do I get the number for using UPS tracing service?” It’s very easy to find! You can check the number on:

    • The confirmation email sent to your address when you complete an order;
    • The label on package boxes generated when you arrange an order;
    • Your personal account on UPS website (or application);
    • All shipping-related documents, including invoices, label, and so on.

    Thus, it’s impossible to lose the UPS tracking ID number.

    If you don’t have access to Internet, feel free to call UPS customer support at 1-800-742-5877 and ask them to help you find the parcel. You can also visit a UPS office. Don’t forget that the UPS tracking number is usually provided in 25-digit format!

    If you cannot find your parcel using the tracking number and suppose it was lost, feel free to contact the customer support and their departments working with such issues. With UPS courier online and offline services, finding your deliveries becomes easy as never before!

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UPS review by Er


Worse shipping I've ever used. Between customs charges and going back and forth from China to US to Canada, back to China to Alaska to Kentucky back to Canada again with a customs charge. Crappy priority service

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UPS review by Paul


They simply won't deliver after 3 weeks of waiting and constant delivery time slots that they have not honoured. I contacted them on x (twitter) and they said they would contact me I 24hour (they never did), but they did update another delivery time slot, which again they didn't adhere to. Basically it's a new way of shopping.. pay for something and never get it...

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UPS review by Leroy Williams


I been waiting all day for my package an still they haven’t received it they keep switching times when it’s being delivered an still haven’t came yet this is ridiculous I don’t know what’s going on but I really need my parcel package asap please this is just sad

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UPS review by Brian James


My package was not delivered and I can't get any assistance in the matter!

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UPS review by Kathy Holloway


You’ve corrected a correct address to a crazy wrong address and I can get NO help to make it right

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UPS review by Nancy Fuhs


Paid for documents to go to SC from FL .sent February 26. Needed to be in NC on February 28 th .Here it is the 29 and it's in Jacksonville fl

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