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Let’s talk about what is considered both: the only place you can get qualified help in case of any problems with your delivery and, at the same time, the most useless thing according to some of our website’s visitors - USPS Customer Service. If you’ve ever experienced any difficulties with your delivery or tracking, the advice you most certainly got was to contact the mentioned service and ask for assistance or any additional info you might need. And that advice is always legit, as the company itself claims that the main reason and purpose for the very existence of USPS customer service line is to help the customers with urgent issues and provide consultations about company’s services. And with the invention and introduction of new technologies, phone line now is not the only way to get in touch with the customer service.

How to contact USPS customer service?

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The two main ways to get in contact with the company are quite obvious: you can call them, or you can write to USPS customer service by filling in the contact form at company’s website. Your choice should mostly depend on the urgency of your question. In case you decide to use online form your inquiry might be reviewed in 1-5 days depending on the workload of the contact center. You might get your answers faster if you call USPS customer service on 1-800-275-8777. If you need help regarding your parcel delivery it is a must to provide parcel’s number in order to get any info about it from the database.

Why USPS customer service phone is answered by a machine?

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Now that’s the one problem most customers keep complaining about after they encounter with customer support line. The first thing you notice whenever you call USPS customer service phone is that you’re connected with an answering machine, offering you to choose the reason for your call among the list of options. In case your problem is a common one, you’ll be guided by the machine through a number of questions that will lead you to solving the issue or lodging an inquiry without even talking to USPS customer service human employee. You can also choose to talk to an operator, but remember that waiting time is usually around an hour, which might be frustrating, especially when you’re already edgy because of the situation with your parcel delivery or other service failure.

Is there USPS international customer service?

In case you’re awaiting an international parcel from the US and your parcel was lost somewhere in transition, the first thought would be to contact USPS international customer service. That’s when you might find out that the above-mentioned ways of contact are aimed at the US residents and are not suitable for use in any other country. So what do you do now? The simplest decision would be to call the company’s call center using Skype instead of your regular phone. It would help you save money on charges. So in case you experience any problems with USPS tracking customer service can still be contacted from any country of the world as long as you have a stable internet connection and a significant amount of free time you’re ready to spend waiting for the answer from the operator.

Is there USPS customer service live chat?

Of course, it would’ve been an ideal way of dealing with customer support, the fastest, most convenient, but currently USPS customer service live chat is only the thing to dream about. The closest thing to it is company’s official twitter, where you can leave your comment on company’s services and ask for help, but they’ll still redirect you to the regular contact center or advise you to visit local postal services provider.

Operating from Monday till Saturday, and being pretty hard to get in touch with, USPS Customer Service remains the part of the carrier company responsible for dealing with your delivery issues. That is why if you want the problem to get at least closer to being solved, it is crucial to contact them in any way possible.