USPS International Rates


If you are going to ship a parcel abroad via USPS company, you might want to know USPS international shipping rates. How much does it cost to ship with them? Let’s check their prices and find out where the official price list can be found.

USPS international rates

usps international mail rates

Where can I find USPS international rates?

Although USPS ships mainly on the territory of the United States, it also delivers packages to all corners of the world. If you want to define the cost of shipping, you can check USPS international rates on this page.

If you don’t want to check the expense of transportation manually using the tables, you can try the online USPS delivery calculator. You'll have to determine:

  • Country of destination;
  • ZIP code of your and receiver's location;
  • The date for the parcel to be conveyed;
  • Type of items you convey.
usps international package rates

usps international package shipping rates

You can pick the kind of bundle or select the estimation as per the size and weight of the package.

USPS international mail rates for letters and boxes differ – don’t mix them up.

Being a well-established postal organization, USPS has a straightforward price evaluating strategy, so you can undoubtedly discover the expense of conveyance of your things as indicated by destination, weight, date of delivery and different factors. Don't hesitate to utilize their tables and an online calculator to define the cost of services – it's simple!