USPS Return To Sender

USPS Return To Sender

usps return label

In case your tracking results indicate that the item is being shipped back to origin (shows as return to sender USPS), it is usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • Delivery address for your parcel was incorrect, unrecognizable, or cannot be read because the package was damaged during the delivery;
  • Your parcel arrived to delivery office over 30 days ago and was not claimed by recipient;
  • The sender requested parcel return.
usps parcel return service

post office returns label

Unfortunately the parcels USPS return to sender cannot be delivered to recipient even if they contact customer support. The sender would have to send the item one more time after it is back to origin. Also, on the way back your parcel will not receive status updates in the database, so it would be better to contact customer support to inquire about its location and status.