USPS review by Dave LaMotte

You get an F a big fat F. I sent an envelope on 9/23 from 33872 to 33060 estimated delivery 9/26. Both zip code are in Florida approximately 100 miles away. Now you can't use the hurricane as an excuse it didn't hit until 9/28. The envelope went west, instead of east, and then 1000 miles north. Here it is 9/30 and it's still in transit "somewhere" . I wish the post office would just close all they do is deliver junk mail. You are over paid, useless, lazy over benefited people. That's why banks and credit card company's have all gone to electronic transfered funds & billing. Because you sent "mail" way out of its way, take way to long to get the letters & packages and can't be held accountable. You don't have to put any effort or pride in your job because you get compensated regardless of your actions. As soon as the junk mail, which by the way doesn't matter if and when it gets where it's going, company's stop sending there crap your services will no longer be needed. I hope that day comes while I'm still alive. Mark my words. That day is coming sooner than later because all you lack of efforts has and will be the reason. Thank goodness for electronic transfer. The nail in the coffin for USPS.

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