USPS review by Sherri Pittman

Our mail carrier is always late on delivery. Mail is part opened, when our gate is locked on the weekends she will wrap our mail in plastic bags and reach thru the bars and put our mail in the wet grass in reach of anyone passing by our yard. Now mind you our address has a dentist office on the first floor me, and two neighbors on the second floor and upstairs is another tenant so we get quite a bit of mail everyday. She punches in that she attempted to deliver two of my packages when in fact the dentist office was open late that day just to see if my package was delivered on time and nobody showed up at all. My next door neighbors have also made a formal complaint. They live at 601. Many times their mail would come to our address. It's annoying. And disappointing but most of all she's messing with my medication that stops my bones from hurting. I am fighting leukemia and when my pain meds and my mood stabilizers are held back by her, side I effects start to kick in. These meds are also working with my chemotherapy. Sorry to take up so much of your time but this is not the first, second, or even third time someone has had to make a complaint between both addresses.

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