USPS review by Lisa Hand

The USPS as a whole doesnt do a bad job...but the Warrendale Division is another matter..They have delayed my packagea repeatedly...I pay for 2 day priority shipping ...It sometimes takes 3- 4 or more once it reaches the Warendale office its either sent to Altoona Office or delayed and sent to Pittsburg, then back to Warrendale..then to Altoona ...I never had this problem until the last 6 months..I live in Grampian Pa...Off of I-80...Why in the world would it be shippend south to Altoona .Its completely out of route! If I pay for priority...I would like to get what the US Postal Service advertises! I could see an accident..Maybe once or twice..but not most of the time ..being shipped out of route...

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