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Yodel is a Great Britain company that offers delivery services of the best quality. The activity covers all the country. The company offers quick transportation of the parcels across the country in 2-3 days.

  • Yodel UK history

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    Yodel UK begins working in 2005. There time, it was named as Home Delivery Network. The 2010 year brought significant changes in the activity. The company entered into a partnership with DHL Express UK, B2C, B2B, and was renamed as Yodel. At this name, it is known in our days. The bright appearance of the brand was made at a cycling event named Tour of Britain. In 2011 the company opened a modern and effective sorting center in Wednesbury. This was the phase that made the Yodel direct grow and reach a new level. The main office was located in Liverpool.

    Early the small activity was expended to a new level. This was possible through the integration with another huge carrier. It was the time when company activity allowed getting an award from the MetaPack Awards — “Going the Extra Mile.” 2014 was a great date in the history of Yodel. It brought the opening of the Yodel Foundation. The main goal was to collect money for charity purposes as cancer care and the workers' support. Yodel courier activity made it the friendliest service of the UK. For excellent job and client care, the delivery organization got the CCA Excellence Award. Begin 2015, the network of delivery is constantly growing. Yodel continues to get awards for the great job that is doing.

  • Yodel couriers services

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    Company activity implies all kinds of shipping services. The area of the Yodel couriers delivering covers the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. Carrier network is really effective. It includes:

    • Yodel Experience – retailing brand parcels service for the clients that are demanding to the date of the delivery. Also, are submitted the requirements given from clients.
    • Yodel Express – implies standard shipping that is realized by the courier network and the vans. Packages medium and small size are delivered in one or two days.
    • Yodel Expert – was created for people with special needs. It supposes additional care and is an individual approach to everyone.
    • Offshore delivery – means the transportation of the parcels to the islands around the UK. It takes two or three days to get them to the destination.

    Yodel domestic works six days a week besides Sundays. The Expert Service allows transporting parcels in two hours. The service is ideal for sending small or medium packages very quickly. For the user, convenience is presented the opportunity of control at every stage of the delivery process. Each client can make the right settings and use variable options.

  • Yodel - it advantages

    The company Yodel: it is hugely demanded in the UK and has a high number of clients. There are five fundamental causes because clients choose Yodel:

    • Accounting of client shipping preferences. It is possible to achieve at each phase of the work by using technological progress.
    • The possibility of tracking parcels and management for each customer.
    • Yodel mobile app with a simple and intuitive interface.
    • Numerous pickup offices to take the packets and three major sorting centers.
    • Feedback program “Have Your Say” with four thousand reviews per day for the possibility of offering quality delivery service.
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Yodel review by Robie


If you like looking at useless adverts great otherwise a total waste of time

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Yodel review by Carole Heath


Useless notified delivered to bin like wth!!@ customer service chat send me round houses. Won't let me rate zero stars so had write 1 ....

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Yodel review by Ruth Stirups


Couldn’t get sensible reply about delivery. When I entered the tracking number it said it had been delivered in Wrexham. I live in Sturry, Canterbury. Useless.

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Yodel review by Definite Article


Granted I missed my first delivery date as I had an appointment that was unavoidable but I did reschedule same day for 2 days later... It's now 5 days since they where supposed to redeliver but instead of holding the company accountable they just threw the driver under the bus

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Yodel review by Scott woolley


Yodel want more information on our adress and want me to use the live chat to speak to them, clicking the link to the chat just takes me back to parcel tracking with no way of contacting them, tried calling on the phone and the automated machine only has 2 options neither of which are for speaking directly to somebody to give them the information they asked for, the website its awfully put together and most links dont take you to were you need to be they just direct back to the same page about contacting them, awful company

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Yodel review by Nikki


My parcel has been sat at the depot for the past 2 days , phoned them and all I got was its at the depot , I will be contacting the company I placed the order with to let them know that yodel are rubbish

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