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Discover Aus Post, the foremost delivery service in Australia, right here on our website. Whether you're sending a package or monitoring its journey, we're here to assist you in every step of the process.

  • Convenient Auspost Services Nearby

    Locating the nearest Auspost services has never been easier. With numerous Auspost shops and offices across the country, you can find a convenient location for all your shipping needs. Just search "Auspost near me" and discover the closest service point

  • Visiting an Aus Post Office

    Need to send a parcel or inquire about the services? Pay a visit to the Aus Post office today. The friendly staff are ready to assist you with all your delivery needs, ensuring your experience is as smooth as possible.

  • A Trusted Network

    Aus Post has long been the cornerstone of Australian deliveries. The dedication to reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction sets Auspost apart. Whether you're a small business owner or an individual sending a gift, partnering with Aus Post for delivery is a choice you can trust.

    Extensive Auspost Shop Network

    The Auspost shops are strategically positioned in cities, suburbs, and regional areas, guaranteeing easy accessibility for everyone. With extended operating hours, you can drop off your parcels at your convenience. Plus, the knowledgeable staff are always available to address any questions you may have.

  • Aus Post Offices - A Hub of Convenience

    Beyond parcel delivery, the Aus Post offices offer a wide array of services. From postal services to bill payments, passport applications to banking, there are a one-stop destination for all your essential needs. Visit an Aus Post office for unparalleled convenience.

  • Why Choose Aus Post?

    • Extensive network of Aus Post offices for easy access.
    • Industry-leading parcel tracking system for complete peace of mind.
    • Expert staff ready to assist with all your delivery needs.
    • A trusted name in Australian deliveries for decades.

    Remember that we are just a tracking platform, we're not Auspost. However, we're here to connect you with their exceptional services - experience the difference with Aus Post today!

Aus Post rating
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Aus Post review by Val Kelly


I would really like to know what is happening with my parcel. I could follow it pretty well until it reached the UK. It has not moved since the 2nd May. Now it is telling me it is in transit also the 2nd May.. It was first posted on the 26th April

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Aus Post review by Kerin coulter


I supposedly had a parcel delivered this morning. I heard the delivery person walk to my front door, then leave. I was sitting next o the front door and clearly he did not ring the doorbell or drop/place the parcel at my door. He did leave a photo of my empty mailbox on the tracking site. My parcel would not fit in my mailbox. Am still waiting for my parcel.

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Aus Post review by Barara Buiter


I think Auspost is great, an article by fast post was delivered before even I expected it .

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Aus Post review by Cheryl


I have been trying to contact someone regarding a parcel which was sent on the 4/5/24. It was to be delivered to SA and still has not arrived on 13/5. On tracking the delivery I can see it has travelled from Melbourne to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and back to Sydney. Australia Post have been no help at all, they gave me two phone numbers to call and they are both automated and if you want to speak to someone you have to pay. Absolutely disgusted with Australia Post, I could have delivered the parcel quicker

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Aus Post review by Mary


Posted birthday present to grandson at Phillip Island in Rochester May first.. parcel sent to Bairnsdale & still not at Island May 7 very disappointed with Aust Post not to mention a sad little boy!!!!

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Aus Post review by Maria


I’m not happy about this service has been two weeks and my parcel hasn’t arrived yet and really need it before monday.

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