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Welcome to India Post - the cornerstone of India's postal service. Trusted by millions, they bring you a reliable and efficient delivery experience, connecting you with every corner of the nation. Whether you're sending a letter, a gift, or an important document, India Post is here to ensure it reaches its destination safely and on time.

The Legacy of India Post

For over a century, India Post has been the backbone of communication and parcel delivery in India. With a vast network of over 150,000 post offices, it stands as one of the largest postal systems in the world. From bustling cities to remote villages, they’re committed to bridging distances and connecting people.

  • Your Trusted Partner - India Post Office

    At India Post, people understand the significance of your parcels and letters. Their dedicated team at every India Post office is committed to handling your shipments with care and precision. Whether it's a confidential document or a heartfelt gift, your package is in safe hands.

    Beyond Borders - Indian Postal Service

    India Post doesn't just serve within national boundaries. With an extensive international network, they facilitate seamless global deliveries. The partnerships with leading carriers ensure that your packages are handled with the same diligence and efficiency, no matter where they're headed.

  • The Heart of India Post - India Post Mail

    India Post Mail, the flagship service, offers a range of options tailored to your needs. From regular mail to express services, they’ve got you covered. Track your parcels, check delivery status, and stay updated every step of the way. Your convenience is the priority.

    A Commitment to Efficiency and Transparency

    We understand that knowing the status of your parcel is crucial. That's why we offer a state-of-the-art tracking system, giving you real-time updates on your shipment's journey. Whether it's on the road or in the air, you'll always be in the loop.

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India Post
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India Post review by Lala


My parcel was sent on 4th May and it's now 18th pf May and I still haven't received it yet...Very bad management

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India Post review by PATIL


Worst delivery...i lost my parcel

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India Post review by Abhi


Parcel not received yet but it shows delivered

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India Post review by Chirchom ngalung


It's been 3 weeks and parcels have not arrived yet

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India Post review by Arifur


For percel it's a much better option, rather than private percel. Low in cost but reliable

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India Post review by Jitendra Kumar


My address is correct but without delivery my parsal will be out dispatched

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