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Aramex Courier

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Going to send your parcel via Aramex company? Aramex courier service is the most convenient way to do that. This guide describes how the courier service works, when it is recommended to use it, and how it can help you.

  • About Aramex courier service

    Aramex is a Dubai-based postal company that focuses on domestic and international shipping: it has offices around the world (in 54 countries) and its staff counts over 13,000 employees. Aramex courier service is available in UAE mostly, though it’s also possible to order delivery to home in other countries, as well. Providing comprehensive logistics solutions, Aramex ensures timely shipping and an exceptional level of service.

  • How much does Aramex couriers’ delivery cost?

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    If you don’t have time to visit Aramex offices, consider ordering Aramex couriers help. How much does it cost? To define the rates, open Aramex check shipping rates: this is an online calculator that will count the price of delivery for you. You will need to specify:

    • The addresses of sender and receiver;
    • What exactly you plan to ship (do not forget about the dimensions and weight);
    • Payment options (you can pay for your service upon receiving to an Aramex courier, or pay upon shipping).

    Generally, Aramex has agreeable rates, so even courier delivery is affordable for an average user.

  • Can I track Aramex domestic courier shipping?

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    Of course, you can always track your deliveries at any stage of shipping! It applies to both international shipping and Aramex domestic courier services. You will be able to discover the shipping progress status at any time. How to do it?

    • step 1

      Go to Aramex official website;

    • step 2

      Open Track section in the upper menu;

    • step 3

      Paste your tracking ID number in the search field and press enter.

    • step 4

      Check out the shipping progress, delivery due date.

    You can also track the pickup requests and set up delivery notifications. With Aramex, you will always stay in the know about parcel locations no matter where and what is shipped. If you use Aramex courier services, all tracking options will be available. Also, you will be notified when the courier delivers the parcel to you.

  • How to find Aramex courier near me?

    “Is there Aramex courier near me?” – some customers ask. Aramex is present in 54 countries, and also partners with other postal companies. So even if you ship outside UAE, you will be able to organize courier delivery by third-party services right to your house.

    Aramex company is an advanced postal service provider that offers comprehensive shipping services and allows to enjoy courier delivery, no matter to which country you send a package.

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