You plan to send bundles via USPS? Need to know where your package is? At that point you should consider USPS service. There are a couple of options for tracking bundles, with or without Internet connection. Let’s observe those techniques and discover which one is better.

  • How to utilize online USPS USA service?

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    If you have to find where the parcel is, you don't need to visit USPS workplaces or even call them. It very well may be done on the web in a jiffy. USPS USA track online is accessible for both local and international packages. This is what you ought to do to discover your bundle's delivery status:

    • Open the official USPS site.
    • Proceed to ‘Quick tools’→ 'Track a package' (or visit this page).
    • Specify the tracking ID (it must be up to 35 characters).
    • Press 'Enter'.

    You will see the present progress of transportation, current location and delivery time. The system for USPS com USA and worldwide tracking is the same – you just need to enter the tracking number, that it.

    Also, instead of visiting USPS official site you can likewise utilize outsider services like (only tracking number is required).

  • Where to find USPS number for parcel?

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    In the event that you are worried over losing the tracking ID, let us inform you: you can find it in a jiffy. USPS number for package is specified in:

    • Your user account on USPS site, as well as mobile application;
    • The affirmation email sent to you when you complete the delivery request;
    • The shipping labels;
    • Shipping-related documents given to you in the USPS office.
  • Other USPS mail options available

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    As we have mentioned, tracking parcels via USPS website is not the only method available. Aside from using USPS mail website, you also can get access to your personal account via the mobile application. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms, and can be used to access the same functions as on the official website.

    How to use the app?

    • Download and install USPS application on your smartphone For Android, For IOs.
    • Open your personal account.
    • Use the tracking service and other delivery management options.
    • Set up USPS push-notifications to stay in the know about current shipping.

    Thus, once your parcel is delivered and registered in the sorting center, you will be the first to know about it. USPS portable application will empower you to find the bundle without entering the site.

  • What you should know about USPS postage tracking?

    When you use USPS postage tracking by the deliver ID number, it's essential to remember about the following:

    How to use the app?

    • The typical format of USPS track number is either a 22-digit combination, or a combination of letters and numbers, for instance, CP 000 US (for international conveyances);
    • Your tracking number will be written on the base strip off part of your USPS Tracking® label.
    • Whenever you get a USPS transportation receipt, it will likewise contain the USPS tracking package number.

    The tracking number can be utilized at all phases of transportation starting from the request affirmation and finishing by the conveyance to the destination.

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USPS review by Bean


What has happened to the USPS.. .. let me guess : they just don't give a damn about doing a quality job . Probably because they have too much to do in a 10 hr day and can never do a good job, so they just give up trying. But it's horrible to have a delivery date of 6/13 and on the 20th still nothing! It got to south jersey distribution on the 14th! This is really really messed up . And you all at the top are the reason why!

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USPS review by Ray


These people are stealing packages!!it’s not a coincidence packages keep coming up missing from this location!

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USPS review by Thuy Nguyen


The Service is so bad.

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USPS review by Patricia Odom


This usps is so very bad, they need to do a better job or find someone who can. Still package not delivered but keeps bouncing back & forth from alabama to north Carolina & no one seems to know why, it's been 15 days. I give the usps a rate of 0

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USPS review by Minnie P Fedd


My package was mailed on 6/15 from Dover Delaware and was going to New York. It arrived in Philadelphia and now it's in Jacksonville Florida. I am one disappointed person. I pray that my package will arrive soon in New York

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USPS review by Rosalee Kibby


Sent a package 04/04/2024, today is 06/19/24, it still has not arrived but has been sitting in Des Moines, IA all this time!

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