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You’re going to send packages by means of USPS? Need to know where your parcel is? Then you should know about USPS tracking services available. There are a few alternatives for tracking parcels, with or without Internet connection. Let’s observe those methods and find out which one is better.

  • How to use USPS package tracking online?

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    If you need to discover where the bundle is, you don't have to visit their offices or even call them. It can be done on the web in a jiffy. USPS package tracking is available for both domestic and international parcels. This is what you should do to find your parcel’s shipping status:

    • step 1

      Open the official USPS site

    • step 2

      Proceed to 'Quick tools' → 'Track a package’ (or visit this page)

    • step 3

      Specify the tracking ID (it must be up to 35 characters).

    • step 4

      Press 'Enter'.

    You will see the current progress of transportation, current package location and conveyance time. The procedure for USPS tracking international or domestic parcels is the same – you only need to enter the tracking number, that it.

    This way of defining the parcel location is the simplest one. However, instead of visiting USPS official website you can also use third-party services (only tracking ID is required).

  • Where can I find USPS tracking number?

    usps tracking number


    If you are worried about forgetting the tracking ID, let us assure you: it’s impossible to lose. USPS tracking number is provided in:

    • Your personal account on USPS website;
    • The confirmation email sent to you when you arrange the shipping order;
    • Shipping-related documents provided to you in the USPS office.

    To top it off, you can get access to a mobile app and your personal account.

  • Other tracking USPS options available

    www usps tracking

    usps online tracking

    So, how else can you try tracking USPS parcels? Use of online tracking is not the only option available – there are a number of alternatives available.

    USPS mobile application will enable you to discover the package without entering the site – you always have access to your personal account. You can download it for your iOS or Android phone and use for:

    • Having access to the full functionality of your personal account (USPS tracking service, document management, pick up schedule, etc).
    • Set up shipping notifications.
    • Access to customer support.

    You can find USPS mobile application on AppStore or GooglePlay store.

    When you open the application and enter your credentials to open the personal account, you will have the option to schedule delivery, use USPS tracking service and receive push-up notifications, create orders, deal with your shipments and so on. Internet connection is required!

  • What you should know about USPS tracking by tracking number

    To define the shipping progress status, you don’t have to pen your account on USPS website – it can be done via the tracking third-party websites. However, to avoid mistakes, when you use USPS tracking by tracking number, it’s important to remember about the following:

    • A typical tracking number is either a 22-digit combination, or a combination in the format CP 000 000 000 US (for international deliveries);
    • Your tracking number will be written on the bottom peel-off portion of your USPS Tracking® label.
    • Whenever you receive a USPS shipping receipt, it will also contain the USPS tracking package number.

    As a rule, tracking number can be used at all stages of delivery starting from the order confirmation and finishing by the delivery t the final destination. If the correct tracking number doesn’t work, contact the USPS customer support and find out where exactly your parcel is. In case of loss or delayed shipping, you can claim for the compensation.

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USPS review by Bean


What has happened to the USPS.. .. let me guess : they just don't give a damn about doing a quality job . Probably because they have too much to do in a 10 hr day and can never do a good job, so they just give up trying. But it's horrible to have a delivery date of 6/13 and on the 20th still nothing! It got to south jersey distribution on the 14th! This is really really messed up . And you all at the top are the reason why!

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USPS review by Ray


These people are stealing packages!!it’s not a coincidence packages keep coming up missing from this location!

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USPS review by Thuy Nguyen


The Service is so bad.

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USPS review by Patricia Odom


This usps is so very bad, they need to do a better job or find someone who can. Still package not delivered but keeps bouncing back & forth from alabama to north Carolina & no one seems to know why, it's been 15 days. I give the usps a rate of 0

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USPS review by Minnie P Fedd


My package was mailed on 6/15 from Dover Delaware and was going to New York. It arrived in Philadelphia and now it's in Jacksonville Florida. I am one disappointed person. I pray that my package will arrive soon in New York

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USPS review by Rosalee Kibby


Sent a package 04/04/2024, today is 06/19/24, it still has not arrived but has been sitting in Des Moines, IA all this time!

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