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One of leading postal service providers, UPS shipping company ensures flawless user experience, and one of the best things about it is the UPS tracking service. There’s the whole gamut of tools for effective and simple shipment management, which makes the service suitable for both corporate and individual customers.

  • Types of UPS tracking order services

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    Finding parcel’s location has never been so easy: UPS has introduced all possible services and tools for customers. Which types of UPS tracking order services are available?

    First and foremost, this is fast tracking on website by shipping number. Once you open the official UPS website, you can proceed to the tracking section. No logging in is required: every website visitor can find the parcel location having the tracking number only.

    • Paste the shipment ID is pasted in the field and press Track (up to 25 numbers can be used simultaneously for UPS tracking).
    • Get the information about the current UPS shipping status, including parcel location, delivery date and pick up office, possible delays, and so on.
    • If you’re logged in, you can change the shipping details (for instance, the pickup point) until the parcel leaves the sorting center.

    Some third-party websites also provide tracking services. You don’t need to have a personal account to check the shipment: just copy and paste the UPS tracking package number in the corresponding field.

  • UPS tracking USA via the Mobile App

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    UPS customers have all necessary information at their fingertips – there are an iOS and Android compatible mobile application that contains all essential tools and functions. It provides users with an instant access to their personal account. Being an ideal UPS tracking USA option, it allows tracking parcels in real time, specifying shipment details, managing delivery documents and data. This is a comprehensive solution for those who want to track UPS shipping on the go.

    • Your personal account on USPS website;
    • The confirmation email sent to you when you arrange the shipping order;
    • Shipping-related documents provided to you in the USPS office.

    To top it off, you can get access to a mobile app and your personal account.

  • What is UPS tracking number format?

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    In order to avoid mistakes during the tracking process, you need to make sure that the number (ID) you use is correct. What is the UPS tracking number format? As a rule, it’s provided in the format of 25-digit combination of numbers and letters. Please, note that the tracking numbers for different kinds of shipping services vary.

  • Can I find a parcel without using UPS tracking number?

    Yes, UPS standard shipping tracking is possible without the parcel ID, but you will need to access your personal account online (anyway, UPS tracking number can be found in your online account). In the Orders section, you can find the shipping information and customize the parcel management. For example, users can:

    • Nickname their shipments.
    • Create a watch list.
    • Filter shipments.
    • Set up notifications.

    Also, in UPS website, you can perform UPS tracking number search and find the ID your your parcels. Management of shipments has never been so easy! UPS provides all essential instruments for staying in the know about the delivery process.

    To top it off, UPS provides the opportunity of tracking parcels using the reference number. Shipment reference and shipper account are required for that.

  • Bottom Line

    There is no easier way to define the shipping progress than using UPS tracking by number. Fast and safe delivery combined with user-friendly tracking options make this solution exceptionally good for corporate and individual users. Tracking of shipments is now available in a couple of clicks no matter where you are: find parcel using your PC, mobile phone or tablet.

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UPS review by Prashant dhagamwar


Parcel received timely as per scheduled. Satisfied with your service.thank you.

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UPS review by Shahanawaz khan


If there was rating of Zero, I would have given that. Confused, incoherent and irresponsible company. I booked a packet and it is 20 days and still shows in transit. Even if one walks with the package it would have reached its destination by now. This is my second bad experience. I suggest you go to FedEx or DHL to get a good service. This will be my last interaction with UPS.

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UPS review by Bankim


I book on 5/15/24 today 21 st god knowing vere is my parcel very poor service

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UPS review by Prashant dhagamwar


I am receiving mail time to time satisfactory service till now and expecting in future also.

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UPS review by Lora


Very poor service

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UPS review by Steven


Just got my 1st tracking number using UPS .I will let you know how it goes May19 2024

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