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In order to send your parcel with this carrier company, there are several ways to post it, UPS collection being one of them. You can get your item picked up from your home or office without any need to spend your time on bringing it to company’s location in your area. It’s quite useful for those sending heavy or massive items, or in case you simply do not have an opportunity to go anywhere just to post a parcel. UPS parcel collection is available for parcels that were registered and prepaid. You can find out more about how to order collection of your parcel in the next section.

UPS collection

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How does UPS schedule a collection for my parcel?

When you’ve registered your parcel for delivery, paid delivery costs, packaged the item and placed your shipping label on the package, it’s time to think about how you want to post your parcel. With UPS schedule a collection of a parcel or freight by calling customer support on 1-800-782-7892. It is a must for deliveries for items with overall weight over 2000 kg, and a useful option for the customers sending smaller items.

When you order collection for your item it is important to inform the company about the total weight and a number of packages in your order. With UPS collection number of packages you can send at once is 30. In case you don’t feel like ordering company to pick your package up on the phone, you can always schedule it online.

UPS book a collection online

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In order to request company’s courier to come collect your parcel for delivery you can visit carrier’s UPS website. UPS book a collection online form is extremely easy to use.

You simply have to provide contact info and address for the sender, as well as several details concerning the number and characteristics of parcels that are to be delivered. You can also provide the preferred date and time for the courier to pay you a visit, though it does not guaranty that UPS collection will be provided during the mentioned time period.

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