Post Office open on Sunday

Post Office open on Sunday

usps open sunday

Is USPS post office open on Sunday? Today we will find out whether you can use USPS services on Sunday, and how to do it.

Like other official postal companies, USPS post offices are usually closed on Sundays. Although delivery is performed, it’s hard to find an open office. The main reason for that is that keeping an office open on Sunday is costly.

But some USPS offices stay open on Sunday before Christmas (as a rule, they work on two-four Sundays before Christmas). Find USPS open Sunday office by calling the USPS customer support.

Also, some offices in retail stores (such as Staples) are open on Sundays. Sunday delivery is organized by a normal schedule for them.

USPS Sunday delivery

post office sunday hours

usps sunday hours

Yes, USPS does ship parcels on Sunday, but it delivers only Priority Mail Express and Amazon packages. Amazon delivery is available in all major cities. Also, if you don’t have time to pick up a parcel, you can use a free pickup at your office or home – its cost starts at $24.70. Prime members of Amazon can also expect USPS Sunday delivery on weekends.

If you need to send a parcel on Sunday, please use the USPS drop off locations – the boxes are available on 24/7 basis.